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Past Thespian Shows

Show #Show NamePerformance DatesNotesClub President
211The Drowsy ChaperoneOctober 13-15, 2017Christie Fisher
210Beauty and the BeastMarch 23-25, 2017Connor Greely
209Rock of AgesOctober 13-15, 2016Connor Greely
208Into the WoodsMarch 24-26, 2016Amy Tizio
207Legally BlondeOctober 22-24, 2015Amy Tizio
206SpamalotMarch 26-28, 2015"Collage" first awarded.Alexander Annunziato 
205Catch Me if You Can October 9-11, 2014Alexander Annunziato
204In The HeightsApril 3-5, 2014 Vince Tran
203ChicagoOctober 24-26, 2013 Vince Tran 
202How to Succeed in Business Without Really TryingApril 11-13, 2013Sean Meadows
201The ProducersOctober 18-20, 2012Sean Meadows
200AidaApril 12-14, 2012Thespians' 200th Performance and 115th active yearPatrick Kelly
199Urinetown October 20-22, 2011Patrick Kelly
198Jesus Christ SuperstarApril 7-9, 2011Bram McGinnis 
197My Favorite YearNovember 11-13, 2010Bram McGinnis 
196HairApril 8-10, 2010Andrea Schwander
195Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet StreetOctober 29-31, 2009Andrea Schwander
194Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor DreamcoatApril 2-4, 2009Jenna Fehr
193Once Upon a MattressNovember 6-8, 2008Jenna Fehr
192Jekyll & HydeApril 3-5, 2008110th Anniversary ProductionAndrea Roposh
191AssassinsNovember 8-10, 2007"Blood Brothers" performed in the Boal Barn in SeptemberAndrea Roposh
190Crazy for YouMarch 29-31, 2007Lindsay Good
189The Rocky Horror ShowOctober 26-28, 2006Lindsay Good
188FootlooseApril 6-8, 2006Nick Semon
187Into the WoodsNovember 17-19, 2005"You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" performed in the Boal Barn in SeptemberNick Semon
186Bye, Bye, BirdieMarch 31-April 2, 2005Jodi Fetterolf
185CabaretNovember 11-13, 2004Children's show in St. Peter's ChurchJodi Fetterolf
184PippinMarch 25-27, 2004Ally Welsh
183Children Of EdenNovember 20-22, 2003"Little Shop Of Horrors" performed in the Boal Barn in SeptemberAlly Welsh
182FameApril 4-5, 2003Two performances on April 5Chad Elder
181Schwab 100th AnniversaryMarch 29, 2003Chad Elder
180West Side StoryNovember 14-16, 2002Chad Elder
179Jesus Christ SuperstarMarch 21-23, 2002First time Children's Show performed in Municipal buildingChristyn Rossman
178Pirates of PenzanceNovember 15-17, 2001Christyn Rossman
177Quilt - A Musical CelebrationMarch 22-24, 2001William A. Schwab
176A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to The ForumNovember 10-11, 2000First time Children's Show performed in Schlow libraryWilliam A. Schwab
175Once on This IslandMarch 31 & April 1, 2000Sydell Payne
174Guys & DollsNovember 19-20, 1999Sydell Payne
173CompanyMarch 26-27, 1999Zach Brown
172Once Upon A MattressNovember 20-21, 1998Zach Brown
171HairMarch 27-28, 1998Steven L. Beckel
170Thespian 100th Anniversary RevueOctober 25 & November 7, 1997100th Anniversary Production. October 25th performance was performed at the 100th Anniversary Dinner at the Nittany Lion Inn.Steven L. Beckel
169Damn YankeesApril 18-19, 1997Steven L. Beckel
168Schoolhouse Rock, Live!February 20-22, 1997Performed in Kern Graduate BuildingSteven L. Beckel
167How to Succeed in Business Without Really TryingNovember 8-9, 1996"Nifty Stuff Crew Chief Award" first awarded.Steven L. Beckel
166WorkingFebruary 22-24, 1996Performed in Kern Graduate BuildingTammi Hurrelbrink
165Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor DreamcoatNovember 10-11, 1995Tammi Hurrelbrink
164Oklahoma!March 23-25, 1995Ryan Johnson
163PippinNovember 10-12, 1994Ryan Johnson
162Mystery of Edwin DroodMarch 24-27, 1994Jason Zanitsch
161Little Shop of HorrorsNovember 18-21, 1993Jason Zanitsch
160GodspellApril 1-4, 1993William Snyder
159West Side StoryOctober 29-31, 1992William Snyder
158The WizApril 2-5, 1992Barry Mackall
157Jesus Christ SuperstarOctober 31-November 3, 1991Barry Mackall
156Side By Side By SondheimApril 4-7, 1991Barry Mackall
155Sweet CharityNovember 8-11, 1990"Banner" first awarded.Barry Mackall
154Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor DreamcoatMarch 29-April 1, 1990Christopher Platt
153HairOctober 26-29, 1989Christopher Platt
152Best Little Whorehouse in TexasApril 6-9, 1989Molly Rodriguez
151Chorus LineOctober 27-30, 1988Molly Rodriguez
150Once Upon A MattressApril 7-9, 1988Rob Russo
149GreaseNovember 5-8, 1987First use of Thespian "swooshies."Rob Russo
148CabaretMarch 27-29, 1987Kevin S. Warner
147The FantasticksNovember 14-16, 1986Kevin S. Warner
146Fiddler On The RoofApril 4-6, 1986Steve Berger
145PippinNovember 8-10, 1985"Robe" first awarded.Steve Berger
144West Side StoryMarch 29-31, 1985Rebecca Merriken
143Some Enchanted EveningNovember 1-3, 1984Rebecca Merriken
142Anything GoesMarch 29-31, 1984Lawrence A. Newman
141Tin Pan AlleyNovember 3-5, 1983Taken on tour in Spring 1984Lawrence A. Newman
140Kiss Me KateMay 5-7, 1983Ron Gallop
139The Boys From SyracuseNovember 4-6, 1982Ron Gallop
138Bye Bye BirdieMay 6-8, 1982Greg Henry
137Guys and DollsNovember 5-7, 1981Greg Henry
136MameMay 7-9, 1981Pamela Ann Matheson
135Bells Are RingingOctober 31-November 1, 1980Pamela Ann Matheson
134CarouselMay 8-10, 1980Andrew Bealer
133CompanyOctober 24-26, 1979Andrew Bealer
132Li'l AbnerMay 10-12, 1979Eric Wolf
131Dames at SeaOctober 19-22, 1978Eric Wolf
130A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the ForumApril 27-29, 1978Performed in Pavilion Theater due to renovation in Schwab Auditorium.P.J. Bayless
129Her Fatal BeautyNovember 2-5, 1977Alternate title is A Shop Girl's Honor.P.J. Bayless
128How to Succeed in Business Without Really TryingMay 4-7, 1977Lee Byron
127The Apple TreeOctober 14-16, 1976Lee Byron
126South PacificMay 6-8, 1976Deb Boonin
125The FantasticksOctober 8-11, 1975Deb Boonin
124CamelotMay 7-10, 1975Sam Rudy
123Minnie's BoysOctober 31-November 2, 1974Sam Rudy
122Fiddler on the RoofMay 8-11, 1974Nan Clingman
121Brother HoodNovember 1-3, 1973Nan Clingman
120Hello, Dolly!May 19-12, 1973Saturday show had an alumni castAlan Boonin
119Stop the World I Want to Get OffNovember 16-18, 1972Alan Boonin
118Thespian Alumni Diamond RevueOctober 21, 197275th Anniversary Production.Alan Boonin
117Man of La ManchaMay 10-13, 1972Gerry Schmid
116You're a Good Man, Charlie BrownNovember 1971Gerry Schmid
115The Roar of the Greasepaint the Smell of the CrowdMay 6-8, 1971Arthur L'Esperance
114CelebrationNovember 12-14, 1970Arthur L'Esperance
113CabaretMay 7-9, 1970Robin Breon
112SupermanNovember 13-15, 1969Robin Breon
111CarnivalMay 8-10, 1969Mark Baker
110Once Upon A MattressNovember 7-9, 1968Mark Baker
109West Side StoryMay 9-11, 1968Robert Vukich
108Guys and DollsNovember 16-18, 1967Robert Vukich
107BrigadoonMay 11-13, 1967Bob Harris
106How to Succeed in Business Without Really TryingDecember 1-3, 1966Bob Harris
105TroubadourMay 26-28, 1965Jeffrey Moss
104Anything GoesNovember 11-13, 1965Jeffrey Moss
103The Music ManMay 6-8, 1965Allan Just
102Oklahoma!November 19-21, 1964Allan Just
101Li'l AbnerMay 7-9, 1964Jerry Bartell
100Fair WeatherNovember 14-16, 1963Jerry Bartell
99Bye Bye BirdieMay 9-11, 1963Steve Lenhardt
98Razzle McDazzleNovember 1-3, 1962Steve Lenhardt
97Bells Are RingingFebruary 22-24, 1962Steve Sulzbacher
96Can CanNovember 16-18, 1961Steve Sulzbacher
95Wonderful TownMarch 16-18, 1961Gary Patterson
94The Big OneOctober 27-29, 1960Gary Patterson
93Kiss Me KateMarch 31; April 1-2, 1960Ted Pauloski
92It's in the BookOctober 15-17, 1959Ted Pauloski
91Annie Get Your GunMarch 12-14, 1959Richard Watson
90Entertainment USAOctober 9-11, 1958Richard Watson
89The Pajama GameMarch 20-22, 1958Stuart M. Kahan
88A Great FutureOctober 17-19, 1957Stuart M. Kahan
87Guys and DollsApril 4-6, 1957Robert Martz
86Hat In The RingOctober 11-13, 1956Robert Martz
85South PacificMarch 22-24, 1956Louis W. Fryman
84Take TenOctober 13-15, 1955Louis W. Fryman
83Finian's RainbowMarch 31; April 1-2, 1955Richard Hamer
82Funny Side UpOctober 14-16, 1954Frank Cressman
81Bloomer GirlApril 1-3, 1954Richard Speiser
80Let's Face ItOctober 22-24, 1953Integrated club. Masquerettes disbanded.Richard Speiser
79RobertaApril 16-18, 1953Masquerettes President: Marilyn J. MinorRichard Brugger
78Don't Stop NowOctober 18-20, 1952Masquerettes President: Marilyn J. MinorRichard Brugger
77A Connecticut YankeeApril 3-5, 1952Masquerettes President: 'Mike' ClaysmithJohn Price
76Bottoms UpOctober 18-20, 1951Masquerettes President: 'Mike' ClaysmithCarrol Chapman
75Anything GoesApril 5-7, 1951Masquerettes President: Jane L. ReeserHarry Woolever
74Some PunkinsOctober 26-28, 1950Masquerettes Presidents: Carol Wineman & Jane L. ReeserHarold A. Leinback
73Girl CrazyMarch 23-25, 1950Performed in conjunction with the Masquerettes. Masquerettes President: Carol WinemanHerbert C. Graves III
72Welcome Willie!October 13-15, 1949Masquerettes President: Betty Lou ShelleyJoseph M. Jackson
71Poor Mr. VarnumMay 12-14, 1949Masquerettes Presidents: Joan Seltzer & Beatrice D. SilverstoneW. Norman Sims
70Bring Back My WingbackOctober 21-23, 1948Masquerettes President: Betty WorrallF. Pepper Birchard
69The Great White BearMay 13-15, 1948Masquerettes President: Betty WorrallF. Pepper Birchard
68Hot 'n' GoldDecember 11 & 13, 1947Masquerettes President: Betty WorrallF. Pepper Birchard
6750th Anniversary ShowOctober 8, 1947Thespian 50th Anniversary Production. Masquerettes President: Betty WorrallF. Pepper Birchard
66Varsity SweetheartApril 30, 1947Spring Revue. Masquerettes President: Carol DieckmannRaymond Fortunato
65No Kick ComingDecember 13 & 14, 1946Mellott restarted Thespians after the war. Masquerettes President: Carol DieckmannKevin (Bud) Mellott
64No Time for TroubleJune 14 & 15, 1946Kevin (Bud) Mellott
-No shows were presented during William Reutti's presidency1944-45William Reutti
63Time to DanceMarch 25, 1944Paul Galvanek
62Once Over LightlySeptember 24 & 25, 1943George Graham
61Khaki Waac-yApril 9 & 10, 1943Cadmus Goss took over as club president after Daley entered military service.Henry E. Daley
60Kurfew KapersNovember 20 & 21, 1942Alternate title is For Whom the Bell Tolls. Lieutenant Ted Clauss died in service to his country in World War II.Edward R. Clauss
59Hide 'n' PeekMay 1 & 2, 1942This is the club president who organized the Thespian Mobile Defense Units to tour the military bases.James McAdam
58What's Coming Off?November 7 & 8, 1941Annual Fall Revue.James McAdam
57The Joint's Jumpin'March 16; April 14-15, 1941George L. Parrish
56The Balloon Goes UpFall 194011/2/1940, 11/15/1940, 11/16/1940...presentations given in Altoona & Harrisburg in DecemberGeorge L. Parrish
55Danger - Men at WorkMay 3 & 4, 1940Alternate title is Don't Send Your Boys to Vassar.Edward P. Sutherland
54Swing PinaforeFall 1939This is a redone version of H.M.S. Pinafore.Edward P. Sutherland
53Stuff 'n NonsenseSpring 1939Gordon S. Thomas
52College AlbumFall 1938Gordon S. Thomas
51Hey RubeSpring 1938Charles C. Conklin
50Say It With MusicFall 1937Charles C. Conklin
49Pardon My GloveApril 1937Donald H. Dixon
48H.M.S. PinaforeJanuary & May, 1937Donald H. Dixon
47Steer ClearFall 1936Donald H. Dixon
46Stocks and BlondsSpring 1936C. Lamar Hollar
45Fools Rush InNovember 9, 1935C. Lamar Hollar
44Don't Let OnApril 25, 1935Jacob C. Forney
43Bargin' AroundNovember 17, 1934Jacob C. Forney
42My StarsMay 23, 1934J.C. Hamilton
41The Panics of 1933November 11, 1933J.C. Hamilton
40Old King ColeSpring 1933Edwin S. Malmed
39The Panics of 1932November 5, 1932Edwin S. Malmed
38We the PeopleJune 4, 1932Townsend C. Anderson
37The Panics of 1931November 6-7, 1931R.A. Whetstone
36Reely and TrulyMay 16, 1931R.A. Whetstone
35The Scrapbook of 1931January 16, 1931R.A. Whetstone
34The Duchess in DutchJune 7, 1930Milton C. Young
33H.M.S. PinaforeJune 5, 1929M.W. Van Scriver
32Honestly Yours1928Adapted from a former Thespian presentation.W. McClements
31Girl WantedApril 25, 1927M.H. Janavitz
30The Kid Himself1925-26 SeasonW.R. Widenor
29Wooden Shoes1924-25 SeasonK.R. Dever
28The Magazine Cover GirlApril 1924Winner of the first Thespian play writing contest.K.R. Dever
27His Little WidowsApril 14 & June 11, 1923J. Greathead
26The Fair Co-edJune 12, 192225th Anniversary production.R.N. Brainerd
25Pompompous IJune 13, 1921This is a reworked version of Popocaterpiller VII.Byron W. Knapp
24A Pair of SixesJune 15, 1920A.S. Riley
23Stop ThiefNovember 2, 1919A.S. Riley
22The MagistrateApril 12, 1919J.H. Lucas
21It Pays to Advertise1918First women cast for women's parts.L.C. Euwer
20The Naked Truth1917George E. Thackray, Jr.
19Here and ThereApril 1, 1916L.S. Raynor
18Miss Adam of EdenMarch 19, 1915Dan E. Welty
17The InnocentsMarch 27, 1914S. James Kiester
16The Yankee BrigandsMarch 7, 1913Albert M. Hooven
15The CommandantMarch 15, 1912Edward E. Tanguay
14The ClimatologersApril 7, 1911Joseph A. Hassler
13The Gay SoubretteMarch 22, 1910W.H. Foster
12Popocaterpillar VIIApril 1909Clarence Henry
11The Toastmaster1908Robert B. Meckley
10The Brixton Burglary1907W.A. Newton
9Facing the MusicApril 19, 21, 23-25; June 12, 1906Emory Luther Diehl
8The BoomerangFebruary 24, 27, 28; March 6; June 13, 1905Guy L. Hoffman
7The House of Trouble1904Robert H. Lyons
6A Night OffFebruary 27 & June 16, 1903Alternate title is The Professors Tragedy. June performance occurred at the dedication ceremony for Schwab Auditorium.D.B. Tuholskie
5A Russian Honeymoon1902H.H. Hanson
4Lend Me Five Shillings and David GarrickFebruary 20 - 23, 25, 1901W.F. Ross
3She Stoops to ConquerFebruary 9, 12 - 14, 1900D.E. Wentzel
2The School for ScandalFebruary 10 - 14, 1899G.J Yundt
1The RivalsFebruary 14, 1898First Thespian Show. Performed in College Chapel of "old" Old Main.J.H.M Andrews