#9764A3 Raised $114,490 towards the $125,000 target.


The William E. McTurk Thespians Endowment for Excellence
Ray T. Fortunato, Honorary Chair

Contributions to the Thespian Endowment are still rolling in! As of March 1, 2018, Thespians and friends have donated $114,490 – 92% of our goal! Have you joined fellow Thespians in making a contribution? A big round of applause for those who have already donated!





  1. Visit Giving to Penn State.
  2. Complete the form with the rest of your information!

Via Mail


  1. Download the Thespian Pledge Form.
  2. Print and complete the form.
  3. Mail to the following address:

    Office of Annual Giving
    Penn State University
    27 Old Main
    University Park, PA 16802
    ATTN: Kat Shondeck




will you be next?



William E. McTurk (1948)

The Gift Fund


($10,000 – $24,999)

YOU could be first – donate today!

Stage Manager

($5,000 – $9,999)

Guy Fissel (1977)

Ray Fortunato (1947, 1952g)

Roland & Linda Kankey

In Memory of Andy Kankey (2005g, 2008g)

Eric (1976, 1983g) & Toni (1978) Minford



Director ($1,000-4,999)

Maestro ($500-999)
Designer ($100-499)
Rising Star ($1-99)


Key Club

Another way to support the endowment is to buy a Thespian Key! This key is a replica of the ones that were given out to each new Thespian member, according to Fred Leuschner (1950, 1951g). Thespian KeyKeys were worn on a gentleman’s pocketwatch fob in order to easily recognize other brothers-in-Thespis.

The new Thespian Key is our long-time logo and is 15/16” in diameter. We have two styles: lapel pin or key ring. The Thespian medallion on the key ring can be detached and fastened to a charm bracelet, necklace or zipper pull.

To order, send a check for $20.25 (which includes $5.25 for shipping) payable to the Thespian Alumni Interest Group to the following address:

Vince Roscioli
10011 Pentland Hills Way
Bristow, VA 20136

Remember to let us know which style you would like and your shipping address. All proceeds go toward the endowment.

Join other Thespians who have purchased keys and be part of the Key Club!


  • Katie Abraham
  • Brian Adam
  • Andrew Adamietz
  • Eliza Altenderfer
  • Alexander Annunziato
  • Andrew Bean
  • Kaitlin Boland
  • Stu Chamberlain
  • Dave Cinque
  • Nan Clingman
  • Connor Davis
  • Jodi Fetterolf
  • Devon Sinclair Fields
  • Andrea Fisher (Schwander)
  • Guy Fissel
  • Jeff Goldgeier
  • Mike Good
  • Sean Gregory
  • Jon Harris
  • Zack Halko
  • Sherry Bass Hess
  • Kendall Ireland
  • Ryan Jacobs
  • Kristen Jamison
  • Matt Kaye
  • Melissa Kreider
  • Anne Liparulo
  • Briana Maddox
  • Jason Marko
  • Sean Meadows
  • Nick Karafilis
  • Tom O’Leary
  • Giuseppe Parente
  • Liza Poor
  • Gabriela Rojo
  • Christine Romanoski
  • Kate Roscioli (Proulx)
  • Vince Roscioli
  • Luanne Russell
  • Jamie Saslas
  • Matt Schiffman
  • Evan Smith
  • Viviana Solorzano
  • Amy Tizio
  • Ravender Virk
  • Robert Vukich
  • Katelyn Waltimyer
  • Jill Pakulski Weeks
  • Bailey Wolf
  • Tiffany Wright
  • Ruth Yeaton
  • Jessica Yeh